From space missions, to changing the future of golf, read about the deep tech our engineers are building.

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Alphawave: ‘Star of the show’ among world class innovators

The EMSS-Alphawave knowledge base combines the global invisible college of science, research entrepreneurship, insight, serendipity, spill-overs, student and staff mobility, leading to world class innovation.
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EMSS Antennas, Receive R200 Million Contract from SKA Observatory to Boost Signals from Distant Galaxies

The Square Kilometre Array Observatory (SKAO) has awarded EMSS Antennas a pivotal R200 million production contract for the production of 60 advanced feed packages – ...
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How Technologies Like VR And AI Can Solve The Soft Skills Crisis

Jason Haddock, CEO of Sozo Labs discusses how technologies like VR and AI hold the key to helping businesses solve the demand for soft skills ...
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Why speech analytics is important in contact centres

Callbi, part of Alphawave, is an international cloud-based software-as-a-service speech analytics solution for contact centres. I was honoured to speak to CEO Francois du Plessis ...
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Foresight Sports and Inrange partner to introduce all-new driving range experience

Foresight Sports, the leading provider of golf simulation technology, and Alphawave’s Inrange, a cutting-edge golf driving range practice and entertainment company, are teaming up.
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5 deep tech trends to watch from SA entrepreneurs

A South African technology investment group, Alphawave, is backing at least five deep tech applications in its innovation units. The group has been investing in ...
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Stay in the know with our latest
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Stay in the know with our latest
business developments, innovations and career opportunities.